Fractured’s latest beta patch adds wagon updates and challenging new boss encounters


The beta patches of sandbox MMORPG Fractured continue to roll out, and while the latest one doesn’t add too much in terms of content, what it does bring is probably going to be of interest to players regardless, especially those who like to use wagons or fight bosses.

The first major piece of the patch makes sure that wagons being carried by players go with them when they log out instead of simply detaching, while player carts will also carry over if characters move to a different server; the patch notes cheekily state that this makes carts capable of stargate travel.

The other part of the update is the addition of a pair of ultimate legends fights on Terra and Aerhen. Players who want to take on these encounters will first have to find a specific shrine, successfully clear through six stages of enemy encounters quickly, and then take on two ultimate legend bosses at once to get “the best rewards of any legend.” Players are warned that this final fight will be the hardest one in the game thus far. There are also some bug fixes hitched to the patch as well, which are outlined in the notes.

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