World of Warcraft Classic players have already found all 108 of Season of Discovery’s phase one runes

Oh look, quick development.

Never let it be said that MMORPG players won’t absolutely blitz through new things at breakneck pace: Players of the Season of Discovery that’s going on in World of Warcraft Classic have officially found every single rune hiding in the first phase of the season. That’s 108 items uncovered in less than a week.

The last three runes that were in hiding – Metamorphosis, Earth Shield, and Cobra Strikes – were found by players just yesterday, meaning that those who would rather not engage in the “discovery” part of the Season of Discovery can now read up information on where to find their wanted class runes. That said, players should note many runes can be found from multiple sources that might not be fully detailed just yet. Luckily it appears that most runes aren’t locked behind race-specific quests or through killing an otherwise faction-aligned mob.

The first phase of Season of Discovery likely still has a few months to go before things push forward to the next phase, but for now the primary goal of the season has been met.

source: Wowhead
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