Star Wars The Old Republic’s Chains in the Dark update is live – here are the patch notes


Broadsword’s latest patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic is live today as promised, and that of course means that the update’s patch notes are similarly available for players to read, just in case the big items aren’t enough to learn about.

Those big items, of course, are the new storyline and daily mission content at Ord Mantell, a fight against the new FR3-D0M world boss, the application of the Life Day event that comes online on December 12th, better lighting on characters during cutscenes, and the revamp of the game’s auction house.

The other portions of the patch include an increase in item ratings for gear as well as additional ways to get OP-1 catalysts, a few class balance tweaks, and a lengthy list of fixes to several items across the MMORPG, especially on the map. Path downtime began earlier this morning and is scheduled to finish by around 11:00 a.m. EST.

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