Wayfinder’s Eventide holiday events are live alongside Senja rework and awakening system


Eventide is officially upon us in Wayfinder – the tweaked version, that is. As we wrote last week, Airship Syndicate soft-launched part of the holiday patch to allow hardcore players a weekend to test it out before the holiday festivities were turned on.

“The citizens of Skylight are celebrating Eventide, but that means they’ll also need your help in making sure it’s the holiday the citizens deserve!” the studio declares. “Our biggest live event yet is now Live! Eventide features a vendor with exclusive seasonal housing items and cosmetics, a limited time Lost Zone with a new mini-boss, a Seasonal Hunt, an expansive quest chain, and lots of holiday cheer!”

In addition to the massive list of bug fixes and the winter events themselves, the patch homes in on the Senja rework, rifle subclass revamp, upgrades for the UI and inventory management, more character cosmetic perks, new weapons, and the first part of the awakening system.

“A major implementation for late game progression for players in Wayfinder. Upon reaching maximum level, Players can collect & craft Awakening Stones to add increased echo capacity, a buff to all of their stats on Wayfinders and Weapons, as well as overleveling their Equipment Level to equip level 30+ accessories. Right now the current cap is 3. In the future we’ll be expanding this system to 5 as well as implementing archetype levels and other horizontal progression for your Wayfinders and their entire archetype. Once Players reach level 5* Awakening they will unlock a whole new Echo Slot!”

“We hope this patch demonstrates our team’s commitment to the players, proves that we are listening, and provides confidence to everyone that Wayfinder won’t go quietly into the Gloom,” the devs conclude, referring to the dissolution of Digital Extremes’ publishing division that pushed the game into self-pub mode.

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