Star Trek Online’s 31st season, Both Worlds, launches on PC January 23


Star Trek Online fans, mark your calendars for January 23rd, as Cryptic is launching Both Worlds, its 31st season, on PC. The storyline cast includes Nicole de Boer (Ezri Dax), Garret Wang (Harry Kim), and Kipleigh Brown (Admiral Kuumaarke); it features the new Scorpion’s Abyss episode, Battle of Wolf 359 TFO, King and Collective event for a T6 ship, and a new elite random TFO queue tool.

“Star Trek Online: Both World’s continues last season’s multiverse story following a misunderstanding with the Tholians and the tearing of the Reality Vortex. Serving as a launching pad for the Mirror Borg, it threatens the multiverse. In this new update, you’ll need to infiltrate the Mirror Borg Unicomplex, a technological labyrinth guarded by relentless Borg, to sever the vortex and save the multiverse. At the heart of this nightmare awaits the Borg King, the architect of this multiversal threat. Will you prevail against impossible odds and rewrite the fate of reality?”

Console fans will be waiting until March 12th for their crack at the season (eep! long wait); it sounds like the 14th anniversary later in January will have to tide everyone over.

We don’t normally talk about press relations in a news post, but given that Embracer has been screwing around with Gearbox and Cryptic for months now, laying off workers and shunting Cryptic off to a European subsidiary that’s never run a game as large as Neverwinter or Star Trek Online, we note here that this is the first STO update we can remember for which we didn’t get a PR notice. We’re hoping it’s an anomaly and not the new normal for Gearbox under this new regime or a sign of continuing parts-stripping behind the scenes; Cryptic and its still-thriving MMORPGs deserve better.

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