Sea of Thieves Season 11 brings quick travel, shiny rings, and revamped trading company loot January 23


The next season for Sea of Thieves is on the horizon, and with it comes a significant focus on quality-of-life, as it adds a central quest hub feature on ships and opens the option for players to fast travel to activities.

Most of Season 11’s new functionality is housed at the Quest Table, an on-ship item that lets crews see recommended activities, peruse voyages of all kinds, and chart their reputation progress with the sandbox’s various trading companies. In addition, players will now get the option to dive to their chosen voyage, effectively letting them quick travel right outside of their selected activity.

The trading companies are getting a little QoL lift as well, as there will now be additional reputation levels to earn beyond the cap, unlocking more cosmetic rewards, ship items, and the option to wear rings on character fingers for maximum pirate bling. Reputation progress will also open up the option to fast travel to world events (aka epic voyages) like skull forts or ghost pirate fleet fights. Additionally, trading company loot has been revamped, with new faction-specific treasures to find that bring in plenty of coin and rep.

Other features of Season 11 include a slight faction rep increase when a voyage’s treasure is found even before it’s turned in, new faction-specific ship crests for captains, and some spiffy new cartographer’s weapons, along with the usual Plunder Pass offerings that come with a new season.

The introduction of fast travel has mostly been the talk among the SOT playerbase, earning some mixed reaction on social media: Some are bemoaning the end of sailing entirely, and others worry that their single-player sloop can now be more easily jumped by larger ships. The reveal video also doesn’t specify whether these features are for the gankbox Higher Seas and the PvE Safer Seas, though considering the new reputation earning features, we’d say it’s a safe bet that this season is mostly for Higher Seas only.

More details are likely to come before Season 11 launches on January 23rd. In the meanwhile, the video below offers an outline of what’s to come for the seafaring sandbox.

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