Classic Guild Wars just count six straight years of uninterrupted uptime

Never say it can't be done


One of the admirable hallmarks of ArenaNet’s Guild Wars franchise is that the studio is able to deliver hotfixes, patches, and even expansions without having to take its games offline. And while we usually think of Guild Wars 2 in regard to this, the original (and still running) Guild Wars also benefits from such backend design.

“This April Guild Wars turns 19, but today marks six years of absolutely no downtime,” ArenaNet noted on Twitter yesterday. “Without any interruptions in service during those six years, we’ve made improvements to the graphics, performance, and more.”

ArenaNet listed the improvements made to Guild Wars in the past half-plus decade, such as enhanced graphics, chat upgrades, better camera angles, lower latency, and a 15th anniversary weapon set.

Along with this announcement came a small patch that added a remixed title theme.

Source: Twitter
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