Past Fate retools the Blackfang Keep zone and releases its first pass at an armor upgrade system


Are you ready to plumb a blacker, more fang-filled Blackfang Keep? You’d better be because Past Fate’s latest patch has made some optimizations and improvements to the area. Whether it is more fang-y and black is up to players to find out; we’re kind of extrapolating here.

The patch notes do point out that Blackfang Keep has more optimizations to help with performance as well as remakes to the look and feel of the area, along with additional foliage and overall world optimization, more quests and quest improvements, and fixes for areas where players could get stuck or clip through geometry.

The other major tentpole feature for this patch is the first portion of an upgrade system for specific armor items. Armor that can be upgraded will now feature a tooltip that indicates as much, while more updates and expansion to this self-described experimental feature are promised soon.

The rest of the patch otherwise makes another small series of updates like the addition of more craftables and gatherables, some slight tweaks to player shadows, and a few bug fixes. The changelog provides all of the details.

source: Steam
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