Stolen Realm brings co-op turn-based RPG combat to launch on March 8

Give back my realm, ya jerks!

Here’s the downside of playing co-op turn-based RPGs like Baldur’s Gate 3: Eventually, you run out of combat. Like, that’s kind of the whole thing. Oh, sure, you can enjoy the game with friends, but don’t you want to have more new combats to fight? Co-op turn-based battler Stolen Realm is hoping to fill precisely that niche when it launches out of early access on March 8th, with the whole game built on the idea of synchronous turns to keep the game active while retaining its turn-based feel.

The full launch will include both a campaign mode and a roguelike mode, with support for as many as six characters solo or co-op. It’s obviously a bit more focused on the combat side of things, so don’t expect fleshed-out romance trees, but if you’re looking for new turn-based combats to play with friends (or alone, we shan’t judge) check the game out when it launches. Or now, it is in early access now.

Source: Steam
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