Skyforge finally launches Demons 2024 Season (and compensation) after several delays


About a month ago, MY.GAMES roused itself from its slumber and told Skyforge fans that in spite of its “long silence,” development of the sci-fantasy MMO would indeed continue. At the time, the company said that it was working on a new Invasion-centered patch, due out “soon.” Things haven’t exactly gone to plan since; on March 5th, the community managers announced that the team needed more time and extended the season another week. Then on March 13th, the studio told players it had to extend the current season yet again as it was “still working on the patches and waiting for the console certification.”

Today, however, the Invasion is finally here as the Demons 2024 Season is live on both PC and Xbox, with the expected round of season challenges as players confront Nihaz, Avatar of the Demon Invasion, who arrives in two flavors, one for newbies and one for endgamers. Of course, there’s an Invasion battlepass too with new cosmetics and rank-ups.

As apology for all the delays, MY.GAMES aims to hand out some gifts. “Please note that the compensation for all players will be sent with the next maintenance,” says the game’s Discord.

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