EVE Online is running a ‘mass test’ of shadow fixes and other improvements today


How many of our EVE Online playing readers would like to test shadows? Then there’s good news for you because CCP Games is scheduling a “mass test” today – Wednesday, March 27th – on the Singularity test server to see if shadows are more performative. Woo-hah! Shadows!

Facetiousness aside, the test in question is intended to ensure shadows are less of a performance drain and more stable on the client side, along with testing of other improvements like updates to the ship skin system to make it more robust, some under-the-hood changes that better track player positions on the grid, and a fix for a long-standing bug that saw players find themselves in unexpected places when they undock.

The test is scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m. EST this afternoon. Capsuleers who help out are encouraged to bring in some of their largest ships to fly around in, and all those who join in will be handed 15,000 Evermarks.

source: Twitter
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