Eternal Tombs opens a one-day playtest on Steam – here’s how to get in and play


Eternal Tombs – the MMO formerly known as War of Dragnorox and currently known as the MMO that’s trying to bring back a new era of GM-led live content in the genre – has officially opened its beta today as promised. And it’s very much an open beta, as access is with a single button click through Steam. We got in right away, so you can probably discard the “closed pre-alpha test” verbiage the studio was using a month ago. It’s open!

Triune Studios addressed fans in the Discord last night, noting that the beta comes “after six long years” of dev time. “[B]ear with us tomorrow [today] as with every MMO ever launched thus far, there are inevitably bugs that will show up, servers that will crash, developers that will be crying in the corner of the office, and tons of chaotic fun on the first tests. We want you to know that we’re going to be spinning up as many servers as possible to try and get as many people in there as we can, but in case you have a problem getting in, we will be running tests quite frequently, so do not fear. Testing tomorrow will begin at 8am PST and run until hopefully around 10pm PST.”

That’s 1 a.m. EST tomorrow morning, note, so if you’re going to play, your time is now.

“We will begin tomorrow [today] with the starting zones of Southmir, Woodland Commons and Tradeport. This is the primary hub of the world and where we will begin our testing process. You will be able to experience some events, fight multiple types of enemies, crawl through crypts and caves, craft and complete quests all up to about level 10. We plan to run subsequent testing sessions every few weeks with fixes and updates. I also want to say thank you for your support. We’re a small team trying to build an amazing MMO without any sort of microtransactions or pre-sales packs. Our greatest desire is to push this genre forward into a new direction with amazing experiences while not diluting the game with outside financial influence. Your support is crucial in doing that and we appreciate all of you so much.”

A bit of patience might be helpful; the studio admitted that the servers were “getting HAMMERED,” and so it’s bringing more online to handle the load.

Source: Discord, Steam. Cheers, Todd!
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