Fallout 76 kicks off free-play week in celebration of the Fallout TV show’s launch


Bethsoft knows how to work some transmedia synergy: It’s running a bunch of Fallout 76 promos in conjunction with the premiere of the Fallout TV series this week.

For starters, Fallout 76 is kicking off a free-play week right now, starting at noon EDT today and concluding April 18th. “Beginning on April 11 at 12PM ET and ending April 18 at 12PM ET, Fallout 76 is playable for free on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation platforms,” the studio says. “Fans just need to download the game on their platform of choice—Steam, the Xbox Store or the PlayStation Store. Once they’ve signed up for or signed into a Bethesda.net account, they’re all set to go and can freely explore all that Fallout 76 has to offer.”

The company also put the game on sale; the standard edition is 80% off, while the deluxe edition is 67% off, though April 19th (excepting PlayStation, whose sale runs through the 24th).

And finally, there are login rewards: Expect a freebie Vault 33 jumpsuit for everyone, a Vault 33 Survival Kit and S.C.O.R.E. boosters for Game Pass Ultimate members, a duster and hat for Fallout 1st subbers, and a Vault 33 backpack for subbing to influencer Twitch channels.

It’s not an MMO, of course, but there’s also an update in Fallout Shelter, including a new questline, new locations, new gear, and new vault dwellers, including Lucy and The Ghoul from the show.

Source: Press release
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