Four years after MapleStory 2’s western sunset, the global fans on the Korean version are dwindling

When you've got tons of promo work to go back through.

We still mourn the loss of MapleStory 2 ’round these parts, particularly since the well-liked sequel appears to have been frustratingly canned as an apparent result of Nexon’s fiscal woes. And while we can always hope for a revival, we’re reminded of an old Reddit post from two years ago that invited fans to access the Korean version.

With that in mind, we figured it was time to check and see just how things are within this community since then, and we’re sad to report that it doesn’t appear to be going well.

Most of the news is coming from Reddit and the associated Discord community, which despite still seeing some new arrivals looks to have ultimately drawn down.

An announcement from last September confirmed that support for a launcher was ending, and most of the recent chatter is mostly warning people away due to overall inactivity, mourning the game’s loss all over again (as evidenced by the chat screenshot embedded here), or are talking up emulators, although one of the more well-known ones appears to have given up entirely in some rather acerbic fashion.

We do note that there is emulator code floating around the internet, but it doesn’t seem to have much traction either, and obviously we aren’t verifying that it even still works. It’s all a bummer for an MMORPG that deserved more time.

sources: Discord, Twitter
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