Siege Camp’s Anvil Empires plans a four-day alpha this weekend – here’s how to sign up


Foxhole studio Siege Camp is gearing up for another major test for its sandbox MMORPG Anvil Empires (as compared to all of its minor tests from the past few months) this week starting on April 18th, running a full four days through the weekend.

“This test includes all the features and changes that were developed over Phase 5 of Pre-Alpha,” the studio explains. If you’ve been following our coverage, you already have an idea about many of those features: homesteads and families, flying critters, wind mills, bronze weapons, crafting stations, and the seasonal weather systems.

“The world now cycles through four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, which each have an impact on various environmental factors such as Wetness, Temperature, and Wind. Each of these in turn can influence gameplay in a variety of ways such as farming and wind power generation. Weather events can also occur at any time which also have an impact on the aforementioned environmental factors. There are rain storms and snow storm and the chance of each occurring is influenced by the current season. These storms can dynamically move around in the world and even collide and overlap with each other.”

To sign up for the test, you just need to click the “request access” button on Steam; Siege Camp says playtesters are selected randomly from the batch of signups on Steam.

Source: Steam
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