Elder Scrolls Online discusses designing Gold Road’s West Weald zone and new Daedric prince


We’re less than a week away from the Gold Road chapter’s arrival to PC players of Elder Scrolls Online, which means that ZeniMax Online Studios has one more preview to dish out to fans beforehand, and that preview is all about the West Weald and the Daedric prince Ithelia.

The dev blog provides another deep-dive into the studio’s thought processes when designing a new character and reimagining a classic area from Elder Scrolls IV. This naturally meant some extra attention paid to the Imperial city of Skingrad and the building of Ayleid ruins, though there is also a lot made about the West Weald’s warm autumnal tones as well as the encroaching overgrowth of the Wildburn.

The post then has several paragraphs that go over the creation of Ithelia and her followers, discussing how the devs considered how to make her appearance closer to human than other members of the pantheon while ensuring she wasn’t too boring to look at. This resolved into the design cues that follow the backstory of her being fragmented by Mehrunes Dagon, with plenty of shattered mirror pieces to account for, which also makes her even less huggable than other Daedra. Sad face.

PC players will get to see this for themselves on June 8th, while console players have to wait until June 18th, but everyone can get some advanced looks now.

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