Raph Koster’s Playable Worlds teases housing, planetary governance, and languages for the unnamed MMORPG sandbox


It’s pretty clear now that Raph Koster and Playable Worlds are not just counting down to something dumb and we’re going to get something big when the team runs out of its 30 teaser questions that presumably shed light on the details of the MMORPG sandbox the studio has been working on for the last five+ years.

“As far as delivering something… well, of course, it’s a countdown,” Koster said in our comments last week. “We held off on saying what we were making until we had enough to show.”

The new teaser questions released since our last recap are:

  • What if… you could be swept away by the current of a raging river?
  • What if… there were ways for everyone in an MMO to have their own house?
  • What if… you could actually irrigate your farm?
  • What if… even the devs didn’t know what was hidden out there in the world?
  • What if… you and your friends could govern an entire planet in your MMO?
  • What if… monsters didn’t always respawn in the same place?
  • What if… sometimes the monsters invaded _you_?
  • What if… you had to decipher ancient languages?
  • What if… you could search and discover entirely new planets?
  • What if… you could shout “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” and collapse a rock bridge?
  • What if… you could chop down forests and grow them back?
  • What if… you could write quests and make contracts for one another?
  • What if… there were places with lower gravity?

What if… Koster just made Star Wars Galaxies 2? OK, we kid, but a lot of this stuff really does sound like the evolution of the epic sci-fi sandbox that celebrates its 21st birthday this very week, from the languages and player quests to housing and farming and player cities. Of course, if Playable Worlds really delivers on what it’s implying, there’s quite a bit of content that doesn’t see light in most MMOs. I’ve never seen a hostile river in an MMORPG before, anyway.

Source: FACEBOOKINSTAGRAMTWITTER. Please give us new screenshots so we don’t have to keep reusing the same three over and over. *sobbing*
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