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Elder Scrolls Online moves Markarth DLC launch on console by a day, promise next-gen news ‘soon’

Elder Scrolls Online's Markarth DLC and update 28, which launched for PC players earlier this week and put a mighty fine hat on the...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Markarth DLC launches November 2 for PC, November 10 for console

As promised, ZeniMax has just dropped a ton of info about Elder Scrolls Online's next update during its year-end preview event stream. We knew the...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Stonethorn DLC launches August 24 for PC, September 1 for console

Elder Scrolls Online is apparently not wasting any time when it comes to its Stonethorn cadence. After announcing the new DLC last Thursday, it's...

Dark Heart of Skyrim arrives to Elder Scrolls Online’s console version with the launch of Harrowstorm

Console fans, your wait is over, as The Elder Scrolls Online's Harrowstorm DLC and Update 25 are now making their way to you. Assuming...

Elder Scrolls Online launches Wrathstone DLC on console, rejects Oceania megaserver

Console players were finally able to jump into Elder Scrolls Online's new Wrathstone DLC yesterday, and some PlayStation 4 players found they had to...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Wolfhunter DLC has launched for consoles now too

Console players, your wait is over: The Elder Scrolls Online's Wolfhunter DLC has officially launched for you this week. As we noted when PC fans got...

The Elder Scrolls Online rolls out One Tamriel for consolers today with a new launch trailer

As promised, One Tamriel is live today in The Elder Scrolls Online on both PS4 and Xbox One, complete with the revamped zones, level...
If you keep up login issues long enough, you don't have congestion problems any longer.

The Elder Scrolls Online addresses console launch login issues

The launch of The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles had some issues, chiefly that players were trying to log in and were unable to...
Well, this is... not a good thing for the game, no...

Login issues plague The Elder Scrolls Online’s console launch

Console players had a long wait time before they could get their hands on copies of The Elder Scrolls Online, but the game has...

Elder Scrolls Online drops Blackwood trailer, announces next-gen ‘Console Enhanced’ edition

Among the most interesting announcements made during today's Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood preview stream was ZeniMax's revelation that it's releasing an "enhanced" edition for...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Flames of Ambition lands on console as ZeniMax preps April Fools’ shenanigans

If Neverwinter's Iron Tooth isn't whetting your console MMO whistle, then point your eyeballs over at Elder Scrolls Online's Flames of Ambition and update...
Big... whatever this thing is.

Elder Scrolls Online decides to leave proc sets disabled – for now

The bursty nature of proc sets have been a contentious part of Elder Scrolls Online's PvP scene, where some players dislike how quickly they...

The Elder Scrolls Online will be handing out unlimited respecs during a mini-event on Update 29’s launch

As players of Elder Scrolls Online now know, the Champion Points system is due for a wholesale overhaul with Update 29. In celebration of...

The Elder Scrolls Online previews the Black Drake Villa dungeon from Flames of Ambition

The arrival of the Flames of Ambition DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online means a lot of new stuff, and that includes new dungeons. Black...

The Blackwood chapter will headline Elder Scrolls Online’s Gates of Oblivion year, launching in June

Here we go, folks: Tonight we're finally getting some hard details on what The Elder Scrolls Online is up to in 2021, courtesy of...

Elder Scrolls Online delays Gates of Oblivion reveal event to avoid inauguration day pandemonium

One of the big events MMO players were surely looking forward to this month was The Elder Scrolls Online's planned reveal of Gates of...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO boasts the best console experience at the end of 2020?

I thought 2019 was a big year for console thanks to Black Desert's multiple console launches, but 2020 was far from shabby itself. The...

Elder Scrolls Online looks back at ‘a year of contrasts,’ says fewer new game systems in 2021

Before Elder Scrolls Online calls it a wrap on 2020, Studio Director Matt Firor has a few words to say. Hey! Pipe down, stop...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Gates of Oblivion, Crimson Desert’s big reveal, ARK 2, and Elite Dangerous Odyssey preorders

We're updating the end with the big news and videos as they roll in! Even as our own awards have begun rolling out, the broader...

Elder Scrolls Online’s Markarth DLC is live on console as ZeniMax promises free next-gen upgrades

With the next-generation console launches coming very soon now, ZeniMax thought it was wise to push the release of Elder Scrolls Online's Markarth on...