Elder Scrolls Online moves Markarth DLC launch on console by a day, promise next-gen news ‘soon’


Elder Scrolls Online’s Markarth DLC and update 28, which launched for PC players earlier this week and put a mighty fine hat on the Dark Heart of Skyrim plotline, was supposed to roll out to PS4 and Xbox One next week. It still will – but it’s been moved earlier by an extra day.

“We’re excited to let you know that in order to get ahead of the new next-gen console launches next week, we’re shifting the console launch of Markarth and Update 28 forward one day,” ZeniMax Online Studios announced this morning. “Maintenance will now be on Monday, November 9. We can’t wait to have you explore the Reach!”

There’s a bit of a tease for console players hoping for news about the future of the console editions, too.

“For those of you who are asking about next gen and backwards compatibility we’ll have more details soon!”

Source: Twitter. We amended this piece after publication to clarify the date; the studio meant “forward” as in earlier not later. Even better! Sorry for the confusion! :) Thank you Starspun for pointing out our goof!

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Matthäus Wey

I really hope for some visual improvements in terms of render quality and shadow distance although it is quite clear that this will most likely not happen.