Elder Scrolls Online launches Console Enhanced today, addresses ‘ESO 2’


Elder Scrolls Online’s Console Enhanced patch rolls out to console folks today, as downloading began at the crack o’ dawn this morning. As ZeniMax has previously noted, the update essentially allows the MMORPG to run natively and fully on the newer PS5 and Xbox X|S consoles, or at least it will once the kinks are worked out this morning.

“Console Enhanced comes two modes to choose from: Performance and Fidelity Modes. When running in Fidelity Mode, you will enjoy native 4k for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and 1440p for the Xbox Series S; the only difference between the Xbox Series S versus the Series X and PS5 is the resolution. When running in Performance Mode on the Xbox Series S, some additional visual settings are lowered to ensure a seamless experience at 60 FPS and 1080p.”

Meanwhile, ZeniMax is busy hovering around the edges of E3,¬†where its weekend presentation stole the show. ZeniMax’s Matt Firor spoke with IGN for a lengthy interview about the game; he discusses the state of the engine and how far it’s come in the quest for next-gen compatibility, saying that at one point the team had to “stop adding new animations to the game for six months because it would just run out of memory” on the new devices. Obviously, that’s not an issue anymore. He also addresses questions about Elder Scrolls Online 2, arguing that the game’s larger DLC and chapters already constitute sequels for the game since they include content as well as tech.

“When is Netflix 2 going to launch? Right? We’re a service… that people log into every day and play. As long as they’re doing that, there’s no reason to do a ‘Version 2.'”

Source: Twitter, FAQ, IGN
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