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E3 2015: Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns prepurchase is live; we get the scoop on guild halls

By now you are no doubt familiar with the guild halls arriving in Guild Wars 2‘s Heart of Thorns expansion. What you probably didn’t expect is that the expansion is available for purchase as of tonight and is already stirring up controversy for its $49.99 standard rate that comes along with a copy of the base game whether you’ve already got it or not. The deluxe version will run $74.99 and come with an extra character slot and several cosmetic goodies, while the ultimate edition runs $99.99 and is just like the deluxe set only with 4000 gems in addition to the fluff. All editions grant access to weekend beta events slated for the game, and many of the in-game goodies will be unlocked on accounts now instead of when the expansion launches.

But earlier today, ArenaNet wanted to dish on the guild halls coming to the game, and it was worth the flight to LA! I sat down with ArenaNet Game Designer Link Hughes, Design Lead Crystin Cox, and PvP Test Lead Jessica Boettiger here at E3 2015 to get a look at and talk all about guild housing. Here’s the scoop (and a video, too!).

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Ascent’s first election will determine the President of the Galaxy

Ascent: The Space Game is holding its first major election. This isn’t just any player election, mind you, but it’s one that will determine the loftily titled President of the Galaxy. Developer Fluffy Kitten Studios says that the president will be “given a direct line to the development team” and will therefore be able to “influence the very foundation of the universe as it is built.”

The election deadline is June 20th and the newly elected president will serve a six-month term. The two most viable candidates are Prolapser, a veteran with over 1,300 hours of “flight time,” according to Fluffy Kitten’s press release. His only serious challenger is Waervyn, who is riding a wave of popularity thanks to his social media campaigning and his YouTube tutorials.

Source: Fluffy Kitten press release, official site


E3 2015: Destiny’s The Taken King arrives Sept. 15; here’s the trailer

So, hey, remember that rumor about Destiny launching The Taken King on September 15th of this year? There’s a new trailer out from the wilds of this year’s E3, and yes, that’s all entirely true. We could just call this year’s convention “all rumors are true” and sound pretty convincing at this point.

Oh, you’d like to actually see the trailer? Sure thing; we can arrange for that just down below. If you’ve read the rumor, you probably know what to expect, but it’s still nice to actually see it on the screen. The trailer also announces a compiled edition for the title containing the base game, The Taken King, and the intervening updates.

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E3 2015: Rare’s Sea of Thieves might be sort of an MMO thing, maybe?

Rare announced a new piratey thing called Sea of Thieves at today’s Microsoft E3 event. It’s an Xbox One exclusive and Windows 10 title with sailing ships, buried treasure, and stylized graphics that was described as the firm’s “most ambitious title to date.”

The reveal trailer featured players running to and fro with MMO-style nametags floating above their heads, but the size and scope of the game remain something of a mystery. You can catch the trailer after the cut.

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E3 2015: Elite is now previewable on Xbox One, Close Quarter Combat coming soon

Frontier CEO David Braben has announced that Elite: Dangerous will be one of the first “early access” games available via the Xbox One’s Game Preview Program.

Perhaps more relevant to those of you who have been playing the space sim on your PC for a few months is the new Close Quarter Combat mode that Braben also announced today at E3. It looks to be Elite’s version of instant-action PvP, though it will be be tested via the Xbox Live community before it makes its way to your PC.

You can get a glimpse of it via the Xbox One launch trailer embedded after the break.

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E3 2015: The Elder Scrolls’ TCG; ESO’s Orsinium, Imperial City

The downside of E3 pre-conferences coming earlier and earlier is that the event just gets longer and longer, but the upside is that you can find out some pretty neat stuff ahead of time. Bethesda held a pre-E3 event yesterday, and it contained some pretty fascinating information for players of The Elder Scrolls Online, including video of the Imperial City and Orsinium, both slated for release to players this year.

The former is covered with vicious monstrosities eager to counter any player efforts to venture into the fallen capital, whilst the latter spreads across multiple zones, from ominous mountains to underground structures. This is in line with a tweet from earlier this year stating these additions to the game would be seen before the year was out.

The news is just in time for the UK to crown Elder Scrolls Online #1 on the retail charts, making it the third game in 2015 to muster 100,000 sales in its opening week.

There’s also a new card game, The Elder Scrolls Legends, that looks to be Hearthstone but draws on the franchise set in Tamriel instead. Check out the trailers below.

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Cryptic introduces the Neverwinter Combat League

Neverwinter’s getting serious about its competitive game, as the title is launching new PvP seasons for player rewards and glory.

The Neverwinter Combat League challenges players to compete for rankings in the game’s different PvP modes during timed seasons. It is currently in its first pre-season period that will run from now through July 11th. During this period, players can brush up on their PvP skills and even earn an armored bulette mount or some epic-quality armor.

There’s a FAQ to address some of the nitty-gritty details about the NCL including eligibility, rewards, and regional access. Currently the league is only for the game’s PC population, although Cryptic said that it might come to the Xbox One in the future.

Source: Intro, FAQ, rewards


E3 2015: SWTOR’s next expansion is Knights of the Fallen Empire

EA has just announced its E3 lineup, and MMO fans are going to like the part where the company casually reveals the name and focus of the next Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion. Glowsticks at the ready!

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – The largest story-driven expansion to date, Knights of the Fallen Empire, marks a renewed focus on cinematic storytelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The expansion will deliver on the hallmarks of what makes a great BioWare™ game: new worlds to explore, new companions to recruit, and a dynamic story that players will be able to shape based on the choices they make.

We’ll have more from our writers on the ground in LA next week!


RIFT’s Summerfest starts today

School’s out for RIFT — and Summerfest is in full swing! The fantasy title’s summer event starts today and continues through July 1st, offering players a chance to snag unique rewards.

During the festival, players can participate in scavenger hunts, go through new minion quests, take on a zone event fighting Swarmlord Khargroth, and even earn merit badges for the eventual hope of being dubbed a counselor. There’s some new gear with this year’s festival, including fae wings.

Several editions and packs of RIFT are currently on sale at a deep discount, including its two soul packs.

Source: Summerfest


WildStar’s mystery event befuddles players

Yesterday evening Carbine Studios encouraged players to attend a WildStar mystery event on the Entity server, not spilling any other details as to what it entailed. Well, it turned out to be a strange sort of stress test that involved a giant rowsdower that turned people into a whole bunch of tiny rowsdowers. And also there was a taxi train when everyone left.

The event seemed to leave many players feeling underwhelmed and confused. “That event was awful. If they want people to stress test just ask and plan a day for it. No reason to disguise it under some elaborate ruse,” one Reddit poster said. “I just don’t understand,” said another player on the forums. “I feel like we just got Rickrolled.”

Carbine promised that the EU servers will get to experience a similar event in the future.

Source: Official forums, Imgur, Reddit #1, #2. With thanks to midgetsnowman.


Guild Wars 2 showing off its guild halls at E3

In all of the Heart of Thorns hoopla and specializations diaries, did you forget that guild halls will also be arriving in Guild Wars 2 later this year? We might have too.

That’s OK, because ArenaNet will be on hand to remind us of the guild housing feature when it unveils it at E3 next week. There, the studio will “reveal how [the expansion] will create new ways for you and your guild to play, battle, socialize, and progress together through the guild hall system.”

An in-depth look into guild halls and their features will be broadcast on Twitch on June 19 for anyone interested.

Source: Guild Wars 2


Angel joins Marvel Heroes as a team-up

One of the core members of the X-Men will be swooping into Marvel Heroes at last — but only as a team-up character (for now).

Angel will join the team-up roster with this week’s patch, becoming the 27th companion in the superhero title. He’ll be appearing with his classic (non-metal) wings and a costume from the Messiah Complex comic book arc. has the first look at Angel in all of his glory.

As an aside, if you play Marvel Heroes you will definitely want to log in tomorrow, as Gazillion is giving a (non-Doctor Doom) free hero of one’s choice per account as part of the game’s second anniversary. Also, most heroes and costumes are 50% off in the store as well.


The Stream Team: Double trouble in SWTOR’s Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event

You know those times you ask for something that you may regret getting? Well now just might one such time as MassivelyOP’s MJ and Larry team up again in SWTOR! Larry is continuing to try to convert MJ to the dark side, and this time he’s using a new event to lure her in: the Nar Shaddaa Nightlife Event. MJ’s still not convinced about the Empire, but how bad could a nightlife party be? She’s willing to give it a go just so the two can give away more gifts. Interested in a cartel pack? How about a cavern varactyl mount? Then you definitely want to tune in live at 3:00 p.m. as this dastardly Imperial duo causes mischief and mayhem as Imperial party animals.

What: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Who: MJ Guthrie & Larry Everett
When: 3:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

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