Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box reopens next week, plus somebody bought the golden sink

Finally! ArenaNet had previously announced that Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box, inarguably the best April Fools’ event in all of MMO land, was being postponed a smidge into April so as to both avoid overlapping the new event and make it more festivalish. And now, we’ve got a hard date for the content, and my kids will stop moping about the delay.

“Tyria’s bounciest celebration returns on April 14. Get ready for Super Adventure Festival! Asura genius Moto is the creator of a spectacular virtual world filled with educational opportunities, fun adventures, and spike traps. Once a year, he opens his Super Adventure Box for a round of rigorous gameplay testing, with special rewards for supporters. If you enjoy jumping puzzles and exploring, the Super Adventure Box is your playground.”

ArenaNet’s said it’s running an extra week this year, until May 12th, but remember there’s no new World on the way, just “new secrets to find in the Box, a new meta achievement reward and a new set of weapons to collect.” MOP’s own Game Archaeologist just did a lengthy piece on the history of SAB, so check that out if you’re curious!

In other Guild Wars 2 news – well, kinda like news – in today’s MOP podcast we joke about whether someone actually bought the 10,000-gold “Golden Sink” that arrived as part of the game’s April Fools’ day activities last week. Welp, someone did it. Of course someone did it. Someone always does it. In this case, it was GuildMM, as seen live on Twitch. Aaaand it really is just as sink made out of gold. Enjoy your gold sink… goldsink… yes. That happened.


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