A Montreal studio known to MMO players for its work on Eternal Crusade.

Temporary crusade, at least.

Warhammer Eternal Crusade is sunsetting on September 10

So who remembers Warhammer Eternal Crusade? I sure had forgotten all about it. When last we checked in on it, it was 2018 and...

Stick and Rudder: Leader of Elite Dangerous ‘slavery’ racket espouses a ‘cult-like’ guild full of ‘chaos and evil’

Last week we reported on an effort by several players of Elite: Dangerous to dupe new players into a sort of indentured servitude by...

World of Warships was reprimanded by advertising regulators over misleading lockbox promo

We're 22 days into 2021 and we haven't had a gaming lootbox mess yet, but that ends today. As MMO Fallout first reported, the Cyprus...

For Science: Gaming is good for you, actually, suggests new Oxford study

A new University of Oxford study published this week suggests that there's a "positive relation between game play and well-being." The paper itself hasn't been...

Global Chat: Is MMO crafting obsolete?

Tipa over at Chasing Dings recently posed an intriguing question to her friends and readers: Does crafting have any place in the modern MMO?...

The Daily Grind: What are your favorite MMORPG-related subreddits?

If you don't read much Reddit, you might be unaware that the one most squarely on point with our genre, /r/MMORPG, had a bit...
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Interview: Population Zero devs on the May Steam launch, buy-to-play, and PvP philosophy

Survival MMORPG Population Zero is officially launching on Steam in early May, Enplex Games announced today. As part of the reveal, the studio's also...

Survival shooter DEATHGARDEN announces its shutdown and goes free-to-play in the meantime

All things must die. It is the way of nature and underperforming multiplayer shooters. So it is with DEATHGARDEN, the multiplayer survival shooter/battle royale...

Massively Overthinking: The problem with MMO ‘dailies’

Longtime MOP Patron and friend of the site Avaera recently posed us an intriguing questions about daily login rewards in MMORPGs. "Recently my game of choice,...

NetEase is launching an R&D-focused studio in Montreal

The city of Montreal is clearly an intriguing location for Chinese online games company NetEase. The company has announced the launch of a new...

EVE Evolved: NPC invasions wreak havoc across EVE Online

When CCP Games released a new EVE Online expansion named Invasion at the end of last month, players were readying themselves to battle limited...

EVE Evolved: Getting ready for the Invasion in EVE Online

EVE Online's Invasion expansion lands in just two days on May 28th, and there are plenty of things you can do now to make...

Jagex picks up EVE Online vet Nathan Richardsson, is still working on multiple secret MMOs

If you've been reading Massively OP for a while, you're not going to be surprised whatsoever to once again hear the news that Jagex...
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For Science: Yet another study finds no link between violent video games and aggression

Yet another academic study appears to indicate no correlation between aggressive behavior and violent video games, this one specifically in kids. In the newly published...
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RuneScape boots player who streamed himself bullying a suicidal gamer

A game as large and old and multifaceted as RuneScape is bound to collect some bad seeds over time, and as we've seen repeatedly...

EVE Evolved: Solving conflict avoidance in EVE Online

Back in October, I made the case that wars were literally ruining EVE Online for the huge number of players living in high-security space....

The Bethsoft-Behavior lawsuit is over, and now so is Westworld mobile

One of the big gaming legal disputes of 2018 was the lawsuit Bethsoft lodged against Behaviour Interactive over the release of the Westworld mobile game,...

The ESA met with the World Health Organization about the ‘gaming disorder’ classification

One of last year's big stories for the gaming industry was the decision by the World Health Organization to include the brand-new "gaming disorder"...

Bethsoft and Behaviour resolve their lawsuit over Westworld and Fallout Shelter

One of the key gaming legal disputes of 2018 was the lawsuit lodged by Bethsoft against Behaviour Interactive, specifically focused on the release of...

Whatever happened to Divergence Online, Tree of Life, and Eternal Crusade?

Ever pause during your day and find yourself wondering, “Whatever happened to that game?” With hundreds upon hundreds of online titles these days, it’s surprisingly easy...