Jagex picks up EVE Online vet Nathan Richardsson, is still working on multiple secret MMOs


If you’ve been reading Massively OP for a while, you’re not going to be surprised whatsoever to once again hear the news that Jagex is working on another MMO. For one thing, Jagex is well known for working on MMOs (only RuneScape’s ever been a huge hit). But for another, the company has literally been talking about having multiple MMORPGs in the works for the last four years, most recently in May of last year, when it said it was tinkering on a “mid-budget online title” (probably the free-to-play title it was hiring for in 2017) as well as a “next generation MMO.”

Anyway, the latest news is that Jagex has picked up longtime MMORPG veteran Nathan Richardsson, whom most of you will recall from his time with CCP Games (he probably hopes you forgot his time on Warhammer Eternal Crusade). He’s now being touted as the head of an online action RPG that may or may not be one of the games Jagex previously teased.

“Nathan Richardsson has been appointed Executive Producer of an unannounced online action role-playing game. Nathan has more than 15 years of experience in product development, having started his career at CCP Games where he worked on EVE, Dust and World of Darkness. In recent years he has held senior production roles at Trion Worlds working on the revolutionary game Defiance, before moving to Ubisoft Montreal, and then Behaviour Digital.”

Either way, the news is surely welcome, given that Jagex’s parent company in China has fallen on rough times and has been trying to sell off the lucrative British company.

Source: Press release

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Give me a Runescape that doesn’t have the old school wonky controls and UI schemes and I’d play it forever.


(he probably hopes you forgot his time on Warhammer Eternal Crusade)

Also Defiance considering the rushed mess it was at launch which stunted its growth potential.