Global Chat: How do you deal with FOMO in MMOs?


FOMO — or the fear of missing out — is quite prevalent in the MMO gaming community. It’s hard to resist that siren’s song of a new game or expansion, especially when all of your friends are heading over to check it out.

MMO blog Indiecator has a few thoughts on how we can deal with the force of FOMO: “It can get really easy for a free-to-play player to get sucked into this vortex of spending money and regretting the purchase. Yes, it’s your own decision in the end but more often than not, you’re getting manipulated into that behaviour, so that you can spend a long time playing it.”

Magic shield.

Gnomecore lent a helping hand to those FFXIV who are thinking of trying out the Black Mage job: “There are a lot of extra spells and buffs to explore which will make your damage even more terrifying, but now you have a foundation to build upon! Have fun with the destruction!”

The Friendly Necromancer broke through a significant barrier in Runes of Magic: “The x1.5 experience weekend happened last week, and I once again made what felt like really meaningful progress in the game! I worked through a quest filled zone called Redhill Mountains, ending my weekend at level 67 on my Mage-half and level 66 on my Rogue-half. Perfect! Great! I loved it!”

The Ancient Gaming Noob blogged about his experiences with server merges in New World: “On the plus side, the merger seemed to go smoothly.  Amazon seems to have planned well enough for this and worked out whatever kinks there were in the system with the first couple of test merger.”

Precious MMOments has a few thoughts about where LOTRO is going to expand next: “The Shire is completely ravaged when the Hobbits return at the end of the War of the Ring, which means the devs would need to turn the zone upside down. I would assume this would have to involve a lot of instancing.”

Going Commando wished SWTOR a very happy 10th birthday: “SWTOR wasn’t the mega hit it was supposed to be at launch, but neither was it ultimately the total failure that many made it out to be during its first year. It’s found its audience and niche, and continues to churn out content.”

Altar of Gaming runs down all of the EverQuest classes to help you make the choice: “EverQuest features 16 classes alongside its 16 races, and they are also race-locked, so your race selection will determine the classes that are available to you. Even though this is overally a hated mechanic by the MMORPG community, EverQuest is one of the truly old-school MMOs, and its huge and careful lore more than makes sense for the race / class restrictions.

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