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The Daily Grind: What’s the longest break you’ve ever taken from MMOs – and why?

A while back, MMO blogger and fellow SWG Legends player Napyet posted a video about a sudden burst of burnout he was feeling when...

The Daily Grind: How do you avoid MMO burnout?

If you've been playing video games long enough, you've probably bumped up against burnout at some point. But for MMO players who are invested...

Burnout Paradise’s online mode downshifts into the sunset

Wait, there was a Burnout Paradise? And it's shutting down? Don't feel silly if this title escaped your notice, because it probably did a lot...
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Tamriel Infinium: Are Elder Scrolls Online’s events too much of a good thing?

The Elder Scrolls Online players are suffering an embarrassment of riches at the moment. The 25th anniversary of the Elder Scrolls franchise coincides almost...
It also featured fewer Dwarven Shaman, simply because the WIldhammer just did their own things.

How one YouTuber navigates World of Warcraft burnout

Feeling a little singed and toasty after playing World of Warcraft so long? When you log into Legion these days, is it a case...

MMO Burnout: Nintendo’s ARMS and the Switch in public and private

It won't surprise anyone who reads our WRUPs that a lot of my free time gaming has been mobile-based as of late, especially if...

MMO Burnout: Five ways to fix Star Wars Battlefront

I'll probably take some flak for saying so, but I'm still enjoying Star Wars: Battlefront. It's not a broken game as much as it's...

MMO Burnout: Star Wars Battlefront

I'm kind of in love with Star Wars: Battlefront. I shouldn't be, really, because underneath the glitz and gloss, it's a pretty pedestrian multiplayer...

MMO Burnout: The Crew

I broke down and bought The Crew on PC, mostly because it was briefly on sale for 13 bucks. I'd been meaning to pick up...

MMO Burnout: Rebel Galaxy

I wanted to like Rebel Galaxy more than I do. That's not to say it's a bad game at all; on the contrary it fills...

MMO Burnout: Why I want an Assassin’s Creed MMO

I play a fair amount of single-player stuff when I'm not playing MMOs, and at the risk of outing myself as one of those...

The Daily Grind: When do you know it’s time to evacuate from your game?

This right here is your friendly neighborhood evacuation droid. If you will but calm down and follow his directions, he will lead you away...