The Daily Grind: What’s the longest break you’ve ever taken from MMOs – and why?

Oh, cool.

A while back, MMO blogger and fellow SWG Legends player Napyet posted a video about a sudden burst of burnout he was feeling when it came to video games. He explains that after finishing a specific goal in a game, he dipped into a few others but was suddenly struck by an absolute, overwhelming sense of futility, such that he felt so much that he was wasting his time in games that he even got a refund for a game. He rules out life dissatisfaction and the usual sorts of mood swings you might expect, and he points out he’s still looking forward to new titles, as he works through the idea of burnout and feeling “bereft” of part of his identity in the video.

I’ve definitely gone through phases like this before in the past; I’ve gone weeks and even months without serious play. Fortunately, since several of my favorite MMOs came back online in their own ways, I feel comfortably anchored in some treasured homeworlds again and less like I’m looking for something to do. But I’ve definitely experienced funks with games in the past, for all kinds of reasons ranging from lack of time to lack of social connection to work burnout (never mix hobbies and work, people, if you can help it!) and even to just wanting to enjoy a different hobby for a while. I’ve just always circled back to MMOs in the end.

What’s the longest break you’ve ever taken from MMOs – and why?

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