Brad McQuaid’s Pantheon gives a glimpse of its beautiful new world in new trailer

Visionary Realms demos the elvish Project Faerthale


Don’t make it too obvious, but guys, you have to check that sweet Pantheon out. See it? That game must have gone to a salon or been the recipient of a ’90s movie-style makeover bet, because it’s a looker now.

As you may have known, Visionary Realms has been in a year-long development stretch for Pantheon that is focused on creating a fully fleshed-out region and Elvish city. Project Faerthale, as it’s being called, is meant to be a reference zone for the rest of the game and a demonstration of what Pantheon can do.

Would you like to see it? The studio released a teaser trailer this week that shows two small glimpses of this area: an overgrown glade and a spiky place covered with fog. Check it out below and let us know what you think of Pantheon’s progress by dropping us a comment.

Source: Twitter
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