How one YouTuber navigates World of Warcraft burnout

It also featured fewer Dwarven Shaman, simply because the WIldhammer just did their own things.

Feeling a little singed and toasty after playing World of Warcraft so long? When you log into Legion these days, is it a case of been-there-looted-that? Welcome to the realm of burnout, population you.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. It happens to us all, which is why prominent World of Warcraft YouTuber BellularGaming cobbled together several suggestions to help you get through this period without destroying your interest in the game. His tips are pretty much divided between alternative activities to get you out of your current rut and several other games that could serve as “palate cleansers” while you take a brief break from the MMO.

Check it out after the jump and let us know your tips in the comments!

Source: YouTube
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