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Warframe of Mind: Fashion ‘Framing with Digital Extremes’ Megan Everett

With TennoCon 2023 just around the corner, it's hard for me to not think about the cool cosplay costumes that folks will be showing...

The Soapbox: WoW’s talent trees don’t deserve your nostalgia

As World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion marches into alpha testing, we're getting more glimpses at its new/old talent system, which harkens back to the...
two to the one to the one to the three

The Daily Grind: Which MMO offers the best character – not gear – customization?

We're gonna be starting up our regular end-of-the-year shenanigans in December, including our annual awards closer to the middle of the month. But one...

Vitae Aeternum: New World lacks customization, but that can be fixed

Welcome to our first installment of Vitae Aeternum, an ongoing column in which multiple writers of MassivelyOP plan to bring you coverage, opinions, rants,...

The Daily Grind: What character customization option do you use in all your MMOs?

We are nothing if not creatures of habit, even when it comes to the wild game worlds we visit. There's also something to be...

Massively Overthinking: Do MMOs need ‘adult’ character customization?

A Random MMO Fan recently wrote to us with a fun topic, linking to an article about Cyberpunk 2077's ESRB rating, which is apparently...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the most attractive cosmetic options?

There are a lot of games out there with really great cosmetic systems. But a great system in and of itself doesn't mean that...

Worlds Adrift’s character creation options will be limited at launch

The team behind Worlds Adrift put out a new video showing the game's character customization options as it stands right now. The takeaway? It's...
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Dual Universe shows off character customization and group ship building

The end of the Dual Universe Kickstarter is just a couple of days away, and the project has a little bit further to go...

This is how you’ll customize your Crowfall character

Future Crowfall warriors might be looking at all of the archetypes (classes) and wondering how theirs will play any different than the rest. ArtCraft's answer...

How MMORPG character gear is made in APB: Reloaded

APB: Reloaded has posted a new dev blog this week all about how character wearables are designed and inserted into the game. "The character and...
Ah, because you're awesome. That's your selling point.

Chronicles of Elyria demos character physique and aging

Wanna spend your morning watching a dude walking around? OK, I'm only half teasing. Chronicles of Elyria has released a tech demo video showing...
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The Daily Grind: Where do you want MMOs to offer more character customization options?

We've gotten lots of good character creators in recent years. Sure, there are things I might not like about Black Desert's character options, but...

The official guide to Blade & Soul’s January 19 launch

Are you ready for Blade & Soul's launch on January 19th? Are you really ready? I mean, you might have played a lot of...

BLESS shows off character customization in video

Fans of robust character generators will appreciate the range of customization available in BLESS. With the final Korean closed beta less than two weeks...

The Daily Grind: How important are different body types in MMO character creation?

I know it's a pain for the art team to have to figure out how to get gear and weapons to fit different shapes,...