Dual Universe shows off character customization and group ship building

Let's all work together to be kind of miserable.

The end of the Dual Universe Kickstarter is just a couple of days away, and the project has a little bit further to go before it hits its goal as of this writing. What might help? How about dual videos for Dual Universe? Because that’s what we’ve got for you today.

The first video covers character customization, although it’s still an admittedly early build of the character creator and thus is mostly limited to coloring your uniform and selecting your gender. Advancement is also covered in the accompanying post, however; as with many MMOs, it’s a two-tiered approach, with better equipment upgrades coming in over time while you earn more skill upgrades in a freeform tree.

For the second video, though, there’s something a bit more mechanical: the building of a ship as a team. It’s a group of players working together to make a pile of parts into a functional craft, complete with soothing music. Check both videos out below.

Source: Character Customization, Ship Building; thanks to BabaGra.pl for the tip!

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