This is how you’ll customize your Crowfall character


Future Crowfall¬†warriors might be looking at all of the archetypes (classes) and wondering how theirs will play any different than the rest. ArtCraft’s answer to this comes in the form of combat disciplines: traits that you mix-and-match to create a specific build.

The studio released a new developer stream that discussed how disciplines will be used in the game and a few examples of each. Eagle-eyed players can probably look past the talking developers to check out some of the details on a background spreadsheet.

Another way that ArtCraft will provide diversity is by providing gender variants, different animations,¬†and other distinctive looks for many of the archetypes. “Crowfall has a range of character archetypes and establishing and maintaining the tone and personality of each archetype while providing options for player distinction is not an easy thing to do,” the studio admitted.

Settle in for a long discussion about combat discipline with the devs after the jump!

Source: Crowfall, #2
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