Black Desert begins new fishing event, buffs elephants, promises free character slot


Black Desert is back online this morning with its interim patch. Of note, Kakao has tweaked the Sorcerer, added new crystals and cash shop goodies, made elephants more awesome, tinkered with the UI, and fixed a few bugs. The Golden Coelacanth event also kicks off today, assuming this morning’s patch issues are resolved, to be followed by the Golden Dagger and Golden Backpack events in the upcoming weeks. The Golden Coelacanth event benefits fishers, who’ll be tugging up the golden fish in return for 5 million silver.

Next week’s patches drop the Ninja/Kunoichi, the skill customization skill addon system, and the full-fledged node and siege warfare system. After the teasers for that update, Kakao revealed that it’ll be giving everyone a freebie character slot for the Ninja. Nice!

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