Meridian 59 creator says that MMOs are everywhere in disguise


Have you felt despondent at the apparent decline of the production of new, bold MMOs? According to Meridian 59 creator Brian “Psychochild” Green, these games are actually everywhere these days — they’re just disguising themselves due to the apparent stigma that comes with the MMO label.

Green looks at games such as Destiny, Game of War, Star Wars: Uprising, and Pokémon GO as examples of how MMO mechanics and features have spread outside of the strict walls of the traditional MMORPG.

“[Augmented reality] games will become big within the next few years; we’re already seeing [it],” he predicted. “They may not look like the MMOs you’re used to, but if you’re patient I’m sure the traditional MMO will probably make a comeback. And, hopefully a lot of the advancements made in other types of games help push MMOs forward a bit. And, when we have the big MMO renaissance in a few years, we’ll have a lot more options than cloning a creaky, aging game.”

Source: Psychochild
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