Skyforge kicks off anniversary log-in event, quest, and sales

You're all wasted.

Skyforge is prepping for its first year of operation since it soft launched into open beta. “Together, you have welcomed updates, rejoiced at changes, pioneered new territories, won contests, and supported us when faced with sudden technical difficulties. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you interest in the game, for sticking with us, and helping make the world of Skyforge better,” says. “We will do everything to ensure that you can continue to watch the game evolve, influence changes, participate in game events, and most importantly, socialize & fight thrilling battles together!”

That “everything” includes multiple campaigns beginning today and running through July 27th: a log-in event, a treasure hunting quest that results in a¬†costume and glider code, and cash shop sales for formerly extinct items.

Meanwhile, has previewed the game’s Antean Wasteland. Unlike most of the locations players visit in Skyforge, the Antean Wasteland does not have hostile invaders dropping in on a regular basis. It does not feature human habitations beset by the monster of the week. It is, in fact, almost entirely peaceful… if your definition of “peaceful” includes “weather-scarred wasteland crawling with beasts that will happily eat anything with a pulse.” It’s a new kind of challenge for players when it goes liveas part of the game’s next major patch, as well, a challenge that promises to be different every time you step into the zone.

Players who enter the Antean Wasteland will be given a random set of objectives every time they arrive, with rewards equivalent to taking part in Squad or Group adventures. They’ll also need to be on the lookout for sandstorms, which promise lightning strikes, low visibility, and vicious worms that offer a substantial bounty to anyone who manages to slay them. Anyone with 21,000 Prestige or more will be able to visit the wasteland, with challenge and rewards scaled appropriately, so there’s plenty for players of all skill levels to do out in the inhospitable wastes.

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