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Studio known in the west chiefly for action MMO TERA

Not so close.

Closers Online’s developer is taking over operation following En Masse’s collapse

Following the shocking announcement yesterday that MMO developer and publisher En Masse Entertainment is closing its doors, it's only natural to wonder what...
Boom, crash, new year, explosions.

TERA and Closers studio En Masse Entertainment is closing its doors (but the games will survive)

I kinda can't believe I'm typing this, but it appears that En Masse Entertainment, which has run TERA here in North America for...

TERA PC brings its 64-bit client and new content online, console adds Quick Signals and offers charity bundles

TERA players on all platforms have a little something to look forward to this week. As of yesterday, PC players have a new...
Still running.

The Daily Grind: Do MMOs need to jump onto bandwagons to stay relevant?

We've been watching TERA's latest move into -- of all things -- MOBAs with a quirked eyebrow and a quizzical expression. We're never...
Still running.

TERA Battle Arena walks you through how this MOBA works

Yeah, so, we are still trying to wrap our heads around the weirdness that is TERA's surprising announcement last month that it...

TERA NA’s next PC update will bring a 64-bit client and a new 20-person raid

Whenever an MMO touts its client getting an upgrade in bits, I'm brought screaming backwards in time to my console war years when the...

TERA announces ‘team-based battle mode’ called TERA Battle Arena, launching in 2020

So here's a press release I wasn't expecting to get in my inbox today: En Masse MMORPG TERA is apparently rolling out a...
Robot? Maybe? I don't know any more.

TERA’s EU version upgrades to the 64-bit client this coming August

Ah, the 64-bit client! 64-bit clients for games are pretty well the norm by now, but some games have held back. One such example...

TERA’s multi-month summer festival offers icy treats and sandcastles

This may be the closest you get to a beach party this summer, so drink it up: TERA's summer festival has officially begun...

Former ArenaNet founder and former Riot Games dev get $5.7M for their startup studio One More Game

What can you do with $5.7 million? Apparently, beef up your own game studio. Patrick Wyatt, a former founder of ArenaNet and En...

Console players of TERA can now face the New Awakening update

The time has finally arrived for PS4 and Xbox One players of TERA to wake up to a brand-new day. A day full of...

TERA’s latest PC update opens the Draakon Arena and adds the Partner Adventure system

PC players of TERA are now able to fire up the latest update to the action MMO, which as we reported...
Big man.

TERA’s next major patch on PC brings a new dungeon and new partner adventures

The next big patch for TERA's PC version arrives in less than a week on June 16th, and it's got some new stuff to...
Jump in any time.

TERA launches the Awakening update on consoles June 30

It's a big wake-up call for players in TERA on the game's console version, as both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions will...
I'm going to master letting this play instead of me.

The Daily Grind: Do you bother reporting miscreants in MMORPGs?

Retired MOP writer and all around epic human Mike Foster (yo Mike!) recently tweeted about his days working as a GM for

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a fun treasure buried under antique contrivances and inconveniences

When I first booted up Phantasy Star Online 2, the only way to get to a suite of visual options that included making...

Battle Bards Episode 169: Wild Things

Do you ever walk on the wild side in MMOs? Do you have a penchant for beastly races that aren’t merely reskinned humans? Then...

Steampunkish Elyon proposes ‘massive’ Korean beta test this summer

If you cast your mind back a couple of years, you might recall that steampunk MMO fans were hanging their hopes on the then-newly...

TERA dons Little Red Riding Hood costumes for PC anniversary as Gameforge takes on Russian publishing

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Certainly not many of the classes in TERA, especially those that wield weapons as large as...

Closers adds Busan Chapter 2, TERA console’s May festival invites you to slaughter sheep

We'll go ahead and call this the "En Masse MMO news block:" Both Closers and TERA have a little something going on...