Massively on the Go: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brings paradox elephants across worlds

The name's Leon. Inte Leon.


There are apparently still more ‘mon to be had in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We’re a bit late with Chestnaught, but it’ll be returning May 19th through May 21st, 2023, and it’ll be Rock type. This means that once again, Annihilape (equipped with Shell Bell and the moves Drain Punch, Bulk Up, and Screech) plus the usual support will be the safest group bet for players. Any Corviknight built for Samurott will also work.

But during that time, you’ll also be able to raid the Donphan paradox ‘mon: Scarlet will have 5-star Great Tusk raids, while Violet will have Iron Treads raids. And yes, you can raid across versions if you’re online or play locally with a friend.

What’s neat about this setup is that you get “unlimited” access to the ‘mon during the event as long as you can find raids people host. That’s even better because these ‘mon are version exclusives and normally can’t breed, so having one with good stats before hyper training is rough. As these are the first paradox pokemon to be in raids outside of a special event for the previously new ones earlier this year, we’re hoping that the other paradoxes will also be released in this manner.

While neither ‘mon is exactly overpowered, Great Tusk is usually seen as better since it’s more offensive, while Iron Treads has more defensive stats. But Treads does work in PvP as an offensive spinner, if you’re interested in that. However, for collectors who haven’t traded for one yet, just catching one will probably be the main draw, if not shiny hunting for one (unless we hear news of them being shiny-locked).

Five-star raids are usually pretty straightforward. Admittedly, finding an offensive ‘mon to run with may be tough, as they’ll have various Tera types, but in terms of support, Corviknight should be useful, as both elephant paradoxes are part Ground and Corvi’s Flying typing will prevent it from being hit from those attacks.

You’ll have only May 19th to the 21st, same hours as Chestnaught, to nab these elephants, but since all the ‘mon can make use of your previous built raiders, it shouldn’t be too tough of a weekend, if you’ve got the time to raid ’em all!

5/19 Update: Due to a bug, the event has been canceled. We’ll update this post should The Pokemon Company reveal a rescheduled date for this event.

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