Star Wars: The Old Republic offers players more than a month of massive XP boosts

So you've got some alts in Star Wars: The Old Republic who haven't yet reached the level cap. You also have a lot...
Ice cold.

Wisdom of Nym: Looking at alts in Final Fantasy XIV

There is, really, no need to have a single alt in Final Fantasy XIV. This makes it a point of open curiosity for me...
And wings, can't forget the wings.

Revelation Online details the fine points of aptitude

You'll earn experience by doing a lot of things in Revelation Online, but don't you wish that you could earn more experience for...
It's green, right? We're splitting the difference.

DC Universe Online offers a free skip for players to CR 100

The DC Universe Online anniversary celebration is happening now, and as part of the celebration, you don't need to play DC Universe Online....
I'm not sure if Wildstar had any casual content, by extension.

WildStar’s next major update opens up new progression past the level cap

If you've been playing WildStar for a while, your character is probably at level 50. It's quite possible you have multiple characters at...
This was a group effort. Not a good one, but still.

Final Fantasy XIV discusses leveling and scenario bypassing items

Currently, if you buy a new copy of Final Fantasy XIV, you're going to have to level up to level 50 and clear...
Do I look like a patient cow?

World of Warcraft’s secondary stats are dropping in power; here’s why

Players who log on to World of Warcraft's 7.1.5 test realm will no doubt have already noticed that secondary stats just aren't what...
Teamwork indeed.

Revelation Online shows off its options for PvE content, both grouped and solo

As Revelation Online continues through testing, players will inevitably be curious about what you can actually do in the game. The most recent...
Marbleface McSpheretummy

EverQuest II shows off the Ascension classes for Kunark Ascending

When EverQuest II's next expansion hits, players are going to be progressing through an entirely new set of classes. The new Ascension...

Gigantic walks through the process of making a MOBA hero

There's a reason why MOBAs don't simply have players piloting featureless gray blobs with names like "Shooty Man" and "Punchy Monster" on their chests....
Still unable to purchase a bra, though.

The Daily Grind: Should MMORPGs levels be used for gating content?

Massively OP reader Sally Bowls recently pointed us to a blog post by Dr Richard Bartle about the leveling mechanic in RPGs --...
On the dark side.

The Daily Grind: How should long-running MMOs help new players catch up?

Expansions for MMOs are really made for the veteran player. A bump of the level cap from 60 to 70 seems reasonable if you're...
He really isn't I know, but work with me here.

First impressions of World of Warcraft: Legion, part three

One of the things that bothered me about Warlords of Draenor was how bad it felt to play. It was unexpected. I don't...

World of Warcraft shows off its Legion leveling experience

The leveling experience of World of Warcraft: Legion is going to be rather different from previous expansions, starting with the fact that...
The game does not look like this.

A Tibia player is on the verge of unlocking a decade-old reward

Tibia is an old game. Very old. Old enough that the developers could add a more-or-less throwaway joke a decade ago, a door...
I need healing.

Wisdom of Nym: Speculating about leveling in Final Fantasy XIV’s future

Speculating about the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion is something that I engage in quite a bit, but the fact is that there's...
When it lost me.

The Daily Grind: What MMOs did you like more when you started than later on?

When I first started playing Warhammer Online as part of Choose My Adventure ages ago, I had a lot of fun. Until...
Actually, I'd rather play as the fox here.

Riders of Icarus kicks off two events to get people out in the world

The world of Riders of Icarus really is full of things. Familiars to collect, animals to ride, levels to gain. Plus, there's more...
Oh, these bugs.

The Daily Grind: What do you collect in MMOs?

At its heart, every single MMO is a game about collecting things. Most games have a number of very obvious things to collect; collect...
You like? You buy it!

Defiance now has a game-wide auction house

Don't you hate when a new gun drops in Defiance and you don't need it? If the developers would implement a gun that...