WildStar launches the Power of the Primal Matrix


You can log in to WildStar today and get yourself a free level 50 character to celebrate the Power of the Primal Matrix update. Will that mean you’re done with leveling? Not even a little bit! No, the whole centerpiece of this update is the eponymous Primal Matrix, and that means getting in and leveling your max-level character with more levels and nodes and all that comes with it. So you get a free level 50, but it’s more like another step on the same path.

Lucky for you, you’ll have plenty to do at 50, since you’ll also have two new dungeons to explore, the new Primal difficulty, quality of life improvements, bug fixes, ability adjustments… you get the idea. Peruse the patch notes to get a sense of what you’re jumping in to, just for your own edification. And if you already have a level 50 character, so much the better.

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