WildStar’s next major update opens up new progression past the level cap

I'm not sure if Wildstar had any casual content, by extension.

If you’ve been playing WildStar for a while, your character is probably at level 50. It’s quite possible you have multiple characters at level 50, even. Next month, you’ll be able to start making progress on those characters once again; the Power of the Primal Matrix update will add in the eponymous Primal Matrix, allowing players to unlock new nodes, new class abilities, and new stat boosts to become even more powerful than before in the post-50 game by collecting Primal Essence from all manner of content.

In addition, there will be even more opportunity to help out lower-level players; the game is adding in a new dungeon and a new expedition, along with a level-scaling system for existing dungeons below the cap. In short, everyone will have new levels to gain and new rewards to earn, and all of this should be arriving in February. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as we get closer to the date; for now, just be satisfied knowing that things are changing in a big way very soon.

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