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Pax Dei announces June 11 showcase, shares bug-filled pics from recent test

Usually, games are not too willing to share their most unflattering side, relying on sizzle reels, flashy vignettes, and dynamic screenshots to put their...

Massively Overthinking: Are we in an ‘MMO hype vacuum’?

James "MMO Folklorist" Crosby recently penned a piece using a term that seems so apt I feel we should all adopt it: the MMO...

Pax Dei demos nighttime housing gameplay, teases ‘high-stakes PvP’ and PvP building

Earlier this week, the devs of upcoming sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei posted a video and FAQ all about the game's buildable housing. Now, Mainframe...

Pax Dei elaborates on its sandbox housing and building systems – check out the new video

Pax Dei's reveal at the top of March was a surprise of the welcome sort for fans of immersive fantasy sandbox MMOs, as studio...
So snipe.

Betawatch: Blue Protocol projects tests and releases its benchmark

Blue Protocol has released its benchmark and character creator! This is not a drill, people. If you are unsure of what to do, well,...

Meet Pax Dei, a well-funded open-world social sandbox built to ‘true MMO scale’

Back in 2021, we caught wind of a new Microsoft-backed MMO called Pax Dei from studio Mainframe Industries, which had been busy raising huge...

Mainframe Industries’ cross-platform cloud-powered MMO raises over $22M in series B funding

Let's open this up with a bit of a history lesson: Back in October 2019, some former vets of CCP Games, Remedy, and Next...

Microsoft’s in-development cloud-native MMO Pax Dei promises scaling complexity and multi-device access

Microsoft's work on an MMO isn't the newest news. Readers will recall the project - a cloud-native MMO being developed by Mainframe - came...