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Pax Dei elaborates on alpha two’s focus on combat and PvP with updates to several related systems

Pax Dei developer Mainframe Industries is looking to keep the conversation going about its April 23rd second alpha test, which leads us to its...

Pax Dei announces a week-long NDA-free second alpha test starting April 23

Pax Dei has been teasing the features of its wilderness over the past few weeks, but soon a lucky number of fans will get...

Pax Dei marks the first anniversary of its reveal with more screenshots of items, building pieces, and lighting

The non-stop JPEG party that is Pax Dei's Discord continues on once again as developer Mainframe Industries is using the occasion of the one...

Pax Dei floods Discord with screenshots of wildlife, continues to promise alpha testing soon

The sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei is extremely proud of its plantlife and animal life, and just in case you doubt us, then you need...

Pax Dei promises new items, prettier skies, and shinier player tombstones in next alpha build

When your character dies in an MMORPG and leaves nothing but a tombstone on the ground and sour feelings in your mind, it's usually...
Smite, then smite again.

Betawatch: SMITE 2 encourages you to smite what has already been smitten

So, who had SMITE 2 on their watchlists for this year? Probably not many people, but Hi-Rez Studios has announced that the game is...

Sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei aims for an early access launch this spring

This year is already shaping up to be thrilling for fans of MMORPGs as we look hopefully at many notable releases coming our way...

Pax Dei promises ‘several milestones’ and shares new screenshots in an end-of-year message to fans

Pax Dei has had a pretty productive year by all accounts, with a first-ever alpha test that drew in over 12,000 players and plenty...

Pax Dei ponders a box price with sub monetization balanced with a free trial and possible game time tokens

Where does the developing sandbox MMO Pax Dei stand on monetization? "Well, we’re sorry to say we haven’t figured it all out —...

Following its alpha test, Pax Dei addresses building freedom and crafting mechanics

Pax Dei studio Mainframe Industries is back inside the safe walls of its Discord with a new post recapping what it learned from its...

MMO sandbox Pax Dei invited over 12,000 players to its first alpha test

What is it about MMO early testing that always seems to bring out the infographics-happy side of studios? We continue to observe this fascinating...

Betawatch: Pax Dei, Tarisland, and Perfect New World walk into a bar

What does it mean when both Tarisland and Pax Dei launch limited time testing events on the same week? Is it just a random...
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Battle of the betas: Tarisland enters second closed beta as Pax Dei kicks off Home Valley test

What are the chances that two big MMORPGs start key testing on exactly the same 24-hour period? Well, I don't know, but it's definitely...

Pax Dei announces ‘Home Valley’ alpha for next week, focusing on player housing

During its stream this afternoon, Mainframe Industries announced that it's kicking off the "first large-scale" alpha for sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei. It's set to...

Pax Dei demos its extensive character creator in new video as players await alpha date

Mainframe Industries isn't telling us when Pax Dei's alpha is coming, but it is talking about something today: YOUR FACE. OK, really it's your character's...

Pax Dei discusses classless characters, consensual PvP, and grueling corpse recovery post-death

Last summer, the devs of sandbox MMO Pax Dei asked players for "patience" regarding an alpha date and promised more info about the PvE...

Sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei discusses its server size and tech in latest dev blog

Server size is very often the sort of question that comes to mind when most genre fans hear about a new game, especially those...

Sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei holds back on a date for alpha, plans testing timeline in the fall

Hotly anticipated MMORPG sandbox Pax Dei has been dishing out videos, screenshots, and mechanics FAQs in Discord, but the one thing it's not doing...

Pax Dei shares pictures of its first dungeon and breaks down gameplay mechanics of its world map

Last week we plumbed the depths of Pax Dei's FAQ, which provided some extremely in-depth information about many of the game's overall mechanics. This...

Pax Dei discusses alpha test plans, monetization, building mechanics, and blending PvP with PvE

Most of the time when a game puts out an FAQ, it's generally not too helpful or full of interesting information. That certainly can't...