Pax Dei promises new items, prettier skies, and shinier player tombstones in next alpha build


When your character dies in an MMORPG and leaves nothing but a tombstone on the ground and sour feelings in your mind, it’s usually priority one to get to that tombstone and pick up any dropped gubbins before they’re looted. The arduousness of running to find a tombstone will hopefully be lessened in Pax Dei’s next alpha build, which is going to offer up shiny pillars of light to mark your character’s end.

The big glowy death marker is just one of a few additional image teases shared by Mainframe Inudstries for the MMORPG’s next alpha, which will also include new recipes, new armor and weapons, and “world enhancement” that was illustrated by a prettier nighttime sky.

As for when this next alpha will begin, the studio hasn’t tied down a date yet, but it does state that a closed friends and family testing round “is about to begin.” That will be under an NDA, however, so followers of the developing game will have to either hope someone breaks that NDA or just look at the picture gallery below and dream of glowing tombstones.

source: Discord
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