Albion Online drops a guide to alchemy, opens apps for its player Round Table

Pot Ions.

The first and perhaps most important thing to understand about how crafted potions behave in Albion Online is that these potions are sometimes best used as thrown items rather than imbibed. They’re all potions, sure, but if you drink a potion labeled “Tornado in a Bottle” you are going to have a bad time. But you can probably imagine the scenarios that would make that potion useful, which makes it clear how the game’s overview of crafted potions tells the truth: These things are very useful in various situations.

Players need to unlock the Alchemist node on the destiny board to start crafting potions, or they can acquire them via trade or market boards. You can have up to ten available for use at any given time, and alchemists produce five potions per craft to ensure that they can offer an abundant supply. Check out the full overview if you’re curious about how you can produce potions or even just make use of them while taking on challenges.

In other Albion news, the Sandbox Interactive has opened applications for its player-feedback group, dubbed – naturally – the Round Table.

“The Round Table is a group of experienced players from different groups in Albion. In the Round Table, these Players get a space to provide high-quality Feedback and lead in-depth discussions about different problems that Albion is facing. Some of the Albion Devs sit in this space as well, reading the discussions and collecting the feedback as a means to find pain points in each area of the game and inspiration for possible solutions.”

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