Pax Dei elaborates on alpha two’s focus on combat and PvP with updates to several related systems


Pax Dei developer Mainframe Industries is looking to keep the conversation going about its April 23rd second alpha test, which leads us to its latest dev blog on the subject that zeroes in on combat-focused updates.

One of the primary things that players can expect in alpha two is an overhaul of the RPG’s stats that add new layers of complexity, whether it’s different damage types, item durability, or ability tweaks. Different weapons are also getting improved animations, a target lock feature is being added to help melee combatants out, and the benefits of eating food in-game is being leaned in to with more boons granted to those who snack.

These updates are part of wider features being introduced to the alpha two build that include more crafting, smarter PvE enemies, a prettier game world, and the first PvP zone known as Lyonesse. The opening of the post further points out that combat and PvP are the primary testing foci for alpha two, while work on social features, economy, and trade won’t come until Pax Dei enters early access, reasoning that crafting and combat loops need “solid foundations” before those portions of the sandbox are added.

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