Pax Dei promises ‘several milestones’ and shares new screenshots in an end-of-year message to fans


Pax Dei has had a pretty productive year by all accounts, with a first-ever alpha test that drew in over 12,000 players and plenty of post-testing pondering about building, crafting, and business models. Naturally, Mainframe Industries is feeling pretty grateful as it penned a thank-you message to fans and promised more in 2024.

The address notes 2023 achievements like its launch trailer garnering millions of views, over 50K members in its newly opened Discord, and over 1M views on Twitch. It then promises “several milestones and projects are in the works” and closes out with some new screenshots of things to come. Details on what these milestones are weren’t confirmed, but the screenshots have been gathered into a gallery below for all of your chromed-out armor and peasant fashion needs.

source: Discord
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