public test server

Overwatch’s new role queue matchmaking system goes live on the PTS

In Overwatch, getting stuck with an imbalanced team can be rough, and good team composition can often make the difference between a hard-won victory...

The Division 2 details skill changes and other updates coming to the Title Update 5 PTS

As The Division 2 continues to roll out new Title Update 5 features onto the Public Test Realm, the devs have come out with...

The Division 2 begins rolling out Title Update 5 features to the Public Test Server

Attention, Division agents: The Division 2's upcoming Title Update 5 is now live on the game's Public Test Server on PC, and over the...
Pay me to play me!

Diablo III PTS patch reworks class set bonuses, adds quality-of-life improvements

This Wednesday, November 21st, Blizzard will be bringing the Diablo III PTS up to give players the opportunity to preview and test the game's...
Not red, nor falling.

Elder Scrolls Online’s 4.2.2 hits the PTS with new Indrik mount and six in-game events

The upcoming Elder Scrolls Online patch 4.2.2 is now up and available for testing on the game's public test server, and it brings with...

Worlds Adrift previews PvE ruleset and new tutorial experience on its PTS

The Worlds Adrift public test server is back, and it's been updated with a test build of the upcoming Update 27, which introduces PvE...

The latest build of Lord of the Rings Online’s Where Dragons Dwell hits the PTS

The Bullroarer public test server for Lord of the Rings Online has been updated with the latest build of Update 23, Where Dragons Dwell,...

SMITE’s Hera’s Odyssey update hits the PTS as Hi-Rez announces World Championship details

The latest event for SMITE, Hera's Odyssey, is now live on the game's public test servers, allowing players to preview and test the event...
Whether or not, etc.

The Division is rolling out patch 1.8 for console testing

Console players eager to test out the next addition to The Division are finally getting the chance to do so... in small numbers. The...

The Daily Grind: Do you make use of your MMORPG’s public test realms?

The patch server. The PTR. The PTS. Whatever your MMORPG calls it, it's probably got one: some sort of publicly accessible server that gets the...
Try try try.

The Division’s test server goes live today for PC players

Ready to try the next update to The Division before it goes live? The game's test server is going live today for PC players,...
Well, what fresh hell is this.

The Division is opening a public test server

There's nothing quite like putting a patch out into the wild. Sure, you can do your best to test something internally, but until players...

Hyperspace Beacon: Three things SWTOR’s Eternal Championship needs

Hello BioWare, It’s me again, your average Star Wars: The Old Republic fan. You remember when I complained about Chapter 10 of Knights of the...
Kyle, the deal is this - I used to think that my job was making sure a very specific sort of ship didn't get past orbit. And that was my job, and I did it. And then one day? They told me that it wasn't important any more, and that those ships could land, and no one had wanted them shot down for a very long time. And you know what, Kyle? It turns out - and I'm as surprised as anyone - that I just really, really like shooting down spaceships. So now I'm freelance.

Tribes: Ascend test server rewrites classes in a major way

Tribes: Ascend is getting updates again, with the first update hitting the test server soon. So what are you expecting? A bit of balance...
This is not ambiguous. It actually seems pretty straightforward.

World of Warcraft’s patch 6.2.1 will let you betray your faction for queue times

The factional split between the Horde and the Alliance in World of Warcraft has taken a drubbing for a while, simply because the two...