The Division 2 begins rolling out Title Update 5 features to the Public Test Server


Attention, Division agents: The Division 2’s upcoming Title Update 5 is now live on the game’s Public Test Server on PC, and over the course of the next week-and-change, players will be able to check out the variety of new features coming with the update. As of today, the PTS features the Manning National Zoo and Camp White Oak story missions, with the Discovery Mode difficulty of the Washington National Airport raid (complete with matchmaking!) opening up tomorrow, July 3rd.

Then, on July 5th, players will be able to get their first tastes of the new Expeditions with the introduction of the first location of an Expedition site, which will be followed by the second and third locations of the site on July 6th and 7th, respectively. And to cap things off, July 8th will “focus on gear balancing, skill build viability, and the introduction of two new exotics: the Diamondback Rifle and BTSU Datagloves” before the PTS closes on July 10th. For the full details on the PTS schedule and to learn more about what else is coming in Title Update 5, be sure to check out the announcement on the game’s official site.

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I’m waiting for more pvp modes/maps announced. Seems endgame is pvp, and there has been almost no work put into it.

Nick // Genghis

I would argue that end game is what you want it to be, but a greater focus has been on PvE. Yes, the ODZ and 4v4 has been thrown by the wayside for now which is understandable. They need to really sit down and iron out their end game loot and progression systems because right now, for many, including my friends and I, the game has been shelved but still installed. The sheer amount of junk loot, unusable gear mods, blueprints, and crafting/recalibration all need major looking into. I still dabble for weeklies, however I hardly PvP so end game for me is raiding (PTS update adds matchmaking), heroics (soon to drop exotic components at the end), and control point lvl 4 farming for blueprints.

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Peregrine Falcon

Is this game still about shooting at bullet sponges til you get junk loot drops?

Bullet Teeth

Yeah…just like every other looter-shooter ever made.

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