Star Wars: The Old Republic opens up testing for Veteran difficulty in the Elom flashpoint

Flashy flash.

There is a lot of stuff to test right now on Star Wars: The Old Republic’s public test servers. Do you want even more to test out? Well, you can have that too with the new Veteran difficulty testing on the Elom flashpoint, which will let you see how you handle the difficulty alongside the various combat styles, level 80 combat scaling, and the legendary items. So now you’ve got even more stuff to test out and experiment.

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking about the game’s earliest days of operation (maybe you watched those upscaled trailers, for example), you can take a little trip down memory lane with Damion Schubert’s recap of how the game’s voice acting was saved by droids and aliens. No, really; a lot of the voice acting and writing had to be stitched back together as the development went on, and some of that came down to inserting subtitles over generic beeping (or alien gibberish) to make the various lines look like they made sense. It’s kind of wonderful.

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