The Division 2 details skill changes and other updates coming to the Title Update 5 PTS


As The Division 2 continues to roll out new Title Update 5 features onto the Public Test Realm, the devs have come out with a new State of the Game video to keep players apprised of incoming updates. The biggest changes in the coming PTS patch are a variety of skill adjustments. Many skills have had their base cooldowns significantly reduced, and some have received substantial buffs to their damage. In addition, shields will be more effective thanks to a 15% increase to shield health.

The newly introduced Skill Haste stat has also been tweaked so that all Skill Haste mods provide twice as much of the stat. Also, following player feedback that shotguns feel a bit underwhelming in PvE, the devs intend to give them a buff, though they’ll be receiving a nerf on the PvP side of things. There are a handful of other miscellaneous changes coming as well, the full details of which you can find in the handy TL;DR summary of the video over on the game’s subreddit, or you can check out the State of the Game video in its entirety just below.

Source: Reddit, YouTube

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I’m getting crazy stutters in this game and reading through the forums it seems a lot of people share the issue even with high end PCs. Had to uninstall. Really wished I could enjoy it.

A Dad Supreme

“Also, following player feedback that shotguns feel a bit underwhelming in PvE, the devs intend to give them a buff, though they’ll be receiving a nerf on the PvP side of things.”

Why aren’t these things thought of as ‘default’ in games?

It’s always the same: Weapons/gear are made for PvE encounters, people make builds then use them and they are OP in PvP then the complaints come. Then items get nerfed and are useless for PvE anymore. Then they go back and ‘adjust’ them up, then people complain about another strong PvE item that has to be nerfed.. rinse/repeat.

For the love of God.. just make dedicated PvP/PvE weapons that can only be used in the respective areas. Companies certainly have the budget for it and previous games have long shown it can be done.


I’m glad they are addressing the complaints about skills.

Sasha Alex

I got so many mods with skill cooldowns. Cant wait to see how much they change into with the new stat.
I hardly ever use the skills. Most of the times i just forget about them and just use the guns.

A Dad Supreme

I threw away all of mine but considering crafting will soon make sense to do, I’m going to actually have something to do with the mats instead of giving them to the Daily quests for minimal reward.

I just ran 3k SP for my turret and a 13 second cooldown/260 second something duration last time and I had no problems with all content except the Raid, where people won’t take you with skills.

Kickstarter Donor

Glad to see this is plodding along nicely, by the looks of things. Played it a ton yesterday and coming close to hitting level 30, but I still have a bunch of missions to do as I’m way over-leveled as always. Still enjoying the heck outta it and looking forward to hitting the endgame proper at some point.

I’m a big fan of how they integrated sets into leveling gear by having a small pool of sets that cap out at 3 pieces each. Don’t remember that from the first game, but it’s a nice introduction to how sets work that still gives you quite a bit of freedom with your gear as it’s not too hard to find a piece from any respective set.