The Division 2 details skill changes and other updates coming to the Title Update 5 PTS


As The Division 2 continues to roll out new Title Update 5 features onto the Public Test Realm, the devs have come out with a new State of the Game video to keep players apprised of incoming updates. The biggest changes in the coming PTS patch are a variety of skill adjustments. Many skills have had their base cooldowns significantly reduced, and some have received substantial buffs to their damage. In addition, shields will be more effective thanks to a 15% increase to shield health.

The newly introduced Skill Haste stat has also been tweaked so that all Skill Haste mods provide twice as much of the stat. Also, following player feedback that shotguns feel a bit underwhelming in PvE, the devs intend to give them a buff, though they’ll be receiving a nerf on the PvP side of things. There are a handful of other miscellaneous changes coming as well, the full details of which you can find in the handy TL;DR summary of the video over on the game’s subreddit, or you can check out the State of the Game video in its entirety just below.

Source: Reddit, YouTube
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